5 Things To Do At Home To Keep You Entertained

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April 1, 2020 1:49 pm

Staying at home doesn't have to be all doom & gloom. Take this valuable time to do those projects you've been putting off.

Here are just 5 things you can do to pass the time at home...


Cant get to the gym? Bring your workouts home with you! From calf extensions on the steps to push ups and planks, you can find hundreds of home workouts online that can help keep you physically fit from the comfort of your own home.


Head into the kitchen and grab that mixer out from the back of your cupboard, why not use this time to try out those recipes you haven’t had the chance to make, from cookies, to cupcakes it is a great way to bring the family together and pass time!

Colour or Doodle

Studies have shown that “structured colouring of a reasonably complex geometric pattern,” can lead to a meditative state that helps reduce anxiety. Take out your adult colouring books, or draw your own patterns. We all own a pen and some paper, watch some step-by step videos online to teach yourself how to draw something amazing!

Catch Up On Some Reading

Everyone always seems to complain about not having enough time to read, why not fill your downtime and rediscover reading with those books you’ve been wanting to read for so long? Publishers and audio entertainment companies have even offered a deluge of free e-books and audiobooks to keep readers of all ages entertained.

Work On Some Long-Term Projects

Do you have a room in the home that really needs a revamp? Is there something you’ve been trying to finish for what feels like forever? Why not use this time to work on it. Little changes in your home and added organisation will give you much needed satisfaction.

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