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7 Spooktacular pumpkin carving ideas for Halloween

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October 24, 2019 5:21 pm

With Halloween just around the corner and supermarkets filled to the brim with pumpkins, it is time to get creative with some pumpkin carving designs.

Whether it’s for home, school, a party or even just yourself, carving pumpkins is one of the most fun activities and a great way to get all the family involved! To help get your creative juices flowing we have gathered a list of our 7 favourite pumpkin carving ideas for anyone to try, whether it’s an animal, a house design or a simple scary face we’ve got you covered!


The Boo Burger

This design is as fun as they come and incredibly simple to make, in fact we think you could actually use products laying around in your home and give it a personal touch by adding your favourite fillings. It may not have the 'scary factor' but its a creative take on the traditional pumpkin carving designs & we absolutely love that!

The Hungrykin

This simple yet quirky design is one our favourites! The incorporation of the carved apple gives it that extra eeriness and is a huge stand out feature! Simply grab some toothpicks to help keep it in place!


The House on the Haunted Hill

This one is a real head turner and would look absolutely stunning as an Halloween interior piece inside your home, giving Halloween a real classy feel!, and if you’re not completely confident with your freelance drawing skills print yourself a stencil, bring out your inner artist and give this one a try!

 The Spakins

This is one of our absolute favourites, not only are they the cutest pumpkins we’ve ever seen, and though they may not have the traditional spooky Halloween feel they represent a perfect night in for many of us adding a fun element to Halloween. Just grab some spare towels a bit of paint a marker pen and give it a go!


The Scaredykin

Adding the fear factor with a humorous twist this pumpkin is a real stand out, in fact we believe it represents all of us during Halloween, to get the spiky hair effect you could use anything from pipe cleaners, twigs or maybe paint some skewers, that way it would also be much easier to poke into the top of the pumpkin!

The Greedykin

This is a great way for all the family involved, we all know kids love anything with sweets involved and this is a great family activity and to keep them occupied!  Simply carve the pumpkin’s face and stick some yummy worm gummies into its mouth and there you have a cheeky but slightly gory looking masterpiece!

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