At Miller Metcalfe we don’t refer to our team as ‘staff’…

We call ourselves MPeople and we understand the value of personal and professional investment.

We truly value our people and believe we are making a difference with the inclusive culture built around our Mpeople programme. This has at its core an ethos and set of values that focus on the life blood of our business, our people and their well-being.

John Fletcher CEO, states “Open communication is at the heart of this and we encourage and involve them in decisions wherever we can, to create a better workplace, ensure job satisfaction and encourage motivation.”

Our vision is to uphold Miller Metcalfe as a first class business built on exceptional values, open communication and trust, with a team of empowered Mpeople who understand the value of excellent internal and external customer service.

We aim to build a business where everyone’s voice is heard and recognised and Mpeople consistently feel that they are part of something great!