DIY Recyclable Craft Monsters

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October 24, 2019 12:09 pm

Keep Halloween fun with these Spooktacular little crafts!

If you’re searching for an easy and simple Halloween craft idea for kids then you’ll love these little monsters made from empty toilet paper, yes you heard right! Toilet paper, not only is it a great way to incorporate recyclable materials into crafting but its also incredibly fun and the kids will absolutely love making them!

You will need:

  • Paint/Felt Tip Pens- red, beige, orange, green, dark brown & any other
  • Coloured Card- red, black, & any other
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue Pva or Craft
  • Black Marker Pen
  • White Gauze/Fabric


Transform your toilet paper rolls into a (kind of) spooky Frankenstein!

  • Step 1. Paint or colour  your paper roll any shade of green
  • Step 2. Cut out 3 rectangle pieces of lack paper for the eyebrows, a slightly longer one for the mouth and for the hair you want to cut out a long strip and cut little zigzags into the paper, stick some glue onto the back & wrap it so it goes all the way round the top
  • Step 3. Stick on a pair of google eyes or draw them on, its your choice!
  • & you’re done!


Transform your empty role into a spooky vampire!

  • Step 1. Paint or colour the roll either a white or beige colour
  • Step 2. Cut out the hair in the shape of an upside down triangle with elongated sides
  • Step 3. Stick on a pair of google eyes or draw them on, its your choice!
  • Step 4. Draw a smile with a black marker pen, Cut out to small triangles and stick them on the mouth to make the fangs
  • Cut out a big triangle (approximately the size of half a4)
  • Stick a little red bow to the bottom of the roll
  • & you’re done!


Transform your roll into a (slightly) spooky mummy!

  • Step 1. Paint or colour the roll black or dark brown
  • Step 2. Stick on a pair of google eyes or draw them on, its your choice!
  • Step 3. Wrap some white gauze of white fabric around the roll making sure to keep the eyes uncovered and glue the ends down
  • & you’re done!

There are plenty of other monsters you can create, the choices are endless from a pumpkin to a ghost or even your very own monster creation! We absolutely love how each creation has its very own personality & is a great activity for the kids just in time for Halloween!

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