How to Create a Cosy Home As The Temperature Drops

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November 6, 2019 5:20 pm

Winter can seem like the longest season. With the cold temperature, dark gloomy mornings and damp weather leaving you in a melancholy mood.

Overcome the seasonal blues by creating a cosy home that can be achieved quickly, easily and even on a budget so you can be warmly tucked up indoors whilst winter rages on outside.

Pick a Warming Colour

Colour can completely transform the atmosphere in a room, different berry shades, orange and golden tones and neutral creams all have a natural warmth and seasonal appeal, so introduce them if you want your room to have a cosier feel. It isn’t necessary to paint or wallpaper all four walls, but instead try working on a chimney breast or dominant wall, adding a rich shade. 

Layer It Up

Layers give your living space a sense of warmth and depth. One of the most efficient ways to create a cosy atmosphere is with throws, for an extra cushy feel, dress the bed with textured throws and blankets, using materials such as cashmere and cotton give it an extra snug feel with thick cotton throws or extra comfort with a fluffy throw. A little tip, Large scarves particularly plaid ones that are very much on-trend right now make great throws aswell!

Rugs & Pillows

Rugs also give your living space extra comfort and warmth, particularly on hardwood or tiled floors. What could be cosier than stepping on to a soft rug when you get up each day? However, layered on top of a carpet a rug adds a whole new texture and depth!

When it comes to pillows, you can never really have too many. Pile them onto your chairs, sofas and of course the bed. Experiment with different colours, materials and textures, velvet  and chenille add a touch of lavishness whilst faux fur, sheepskin, cotton and wool are the epitome of comfort.

Materials & Textures

Adding various different materials and textures is the quickest and easiest way to add a cosy factor to your home. Anything from textured pillows, faux-fur, cashmere or cotton throws, rugs, blankets velvet and knits work great, you can even layer them up to add that extra comfort. 

Man-made materials lack that extra appealing warmth held by hand-made materials. Adding texture to your home in the form of wicker, wood with an organic look as opposed to the wooly knits, and faux fur look also works really nicely to achieve the ultimate comfort-feel. Try to pick out accessories that fit in well with the theme such as wooden picture frames, mirrors, table lamps with wooden or wicker bases and anything with an element of textural ceramics.


With daylight ending early and cold dark mornings amongst us, it is essential to ensure your living space is lit well. Try to go for warm orange toned lighting opposed to harsh white and blue cold LED colours. It is also worth noting that soft background colours achieved using table lamps as opposed to overhead lighting is a great addition to add a beautiful warm glow giving your home a real element of cosiness and comfort, try choosing lamps or lights with brushed brass or gold accents as it helps reflect the warm metallic tones around the room. Other materials such as bamboo, birch also create a similar cosy atmosphere.


Never underestimate the power of scent when cosying up your home this winter. Lavender based scents have destressing and calming attributions and woody aromas that evoke a warm exotic scent that will take you away from cold, miserable winter to sunny destinations and exotic lands.

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