How to Improve The Look of Your Garden This Spring

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February 28, 2020 3:49 pm

Spring is almost here and as wintertime is due to come to an anticipated end it’s time to assess the damage it has caused to your garden. Restore your gardens former glory by proactively working on it come early March. The sooner you begin the sooner your beautiful flowers and vegetables will begin to grow.

The Big Clean Up

Before anything else you want to ensure that your garden is clear. Get yourself a rake, brush and a rubbish bag to collect all the leaves, dirt and debris off the floor. Once the floor is tidied, you want to polish all the surfaces near the house such as the shed and any other outdoor appliances.

Tidy The Patio

The majority of your garden surface is made from dirt, meaning that the patio area that is usually paved needs to be cleaned in a different way. Begin by sweeping away any debris then applying a cleaning solution, similar to how you would do for your kitchen floors. You also want to remember to check if the caulk between the tiles is in good order and fill any holes left during the bleak winter months.

Now Sow Any Seeds That Need a Longer Season

Start sowing seeds of plants which need a longer growing season now. These include geraniums (pelargoniums), antirrhinums, aubergines and peppers which should be started in a heated propagator or something similar to ensure good growth.

Order Summer-flowering Bulbs and Seeds

Start ordering now! It’s the ideal task for a wet and windy winter day. Lilies, ranunculi and gladioli can all be ordered now for early-spring planting.

Tidy Up Flower Beds and Borders

You also want to remove leaves and debris from your flower beds and borders, clearing them back to bare soil. Put away any dead organic materials into a compost pile or bin to break down. Eliminate any visible weeds either by burning them or throwing them into the brown bin. Don’t compost them as the seeds will germinate causing several problems in the long run.

Maintain Fences, Gates and Trellis

Winter is the perfect season to get niggly little maintenance jobs out of the way. Check fence panels, gates and trellis for any obvious signs of damage or decay. Repairing damaged structures now will give you more time to enjoy the perks of your garden during the lovely spring and summer months.

Clean your fence panel sand gates with a jet or power washer to remove any dirt, mildew or moss, using a stiff brush to remove any stubborn dirt. To top it off and leave it looking next to brand new, let the wood dry completely before applying a couple of coats of stain, paint or wood preservative.

Clean and Sharpen Your Gardening Tools

Maintaining your garden tools will help protect and preserve them, saving you money in the long run and helping to prevent the spread of any nasty diseases.

Hand tools, such as rakes, spades and towels will largely benefit from a thorough clean and oiling. For your bladed tools use hot water, strong detergent and a scourer to give them a good clean. You also want to improve the performance of those tools that have gotten blunt over the month and years by sharpening them, making them easier to work with, allowing for neater pruning cuts.

Create a Composting Area

If you haven’t already done so, now is a great time to set up a compost area in your garden. Simply buy a ready-made compost bin, or if you’re feeling more resourceful you can even build your own using spare wood. Compost areas are great. As once all the waste you have collected has broken down you will be left with a rich compost your plants will flourish on. Remember to collect a good mix of vegetable peelings, glass clippings, woody and paper pruning’s mixing the compost with a sturdy garden fork each month to keep it aerated.

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