How to keep you and your family safe this bonfire night

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November 1, 2019 4:08 pm

Remember, remember to stay safe!

The smell of burning wood, toffee apples, black peas and everyone wrapped up warm waiting for the spectacular firework display to begin is one the most exciting feelings. Just make sure to follow these safety tips to keep yourself and the family safe during the most dazzling night of the year.

Stay warm

Whether you’re standing in a muddy field amongst crowds of people, watching the fireworks from a rooftop bar, or from the comfort of your own garden, one thing that can be guaranteed is that it is going to be cold. It is absolutely essential to make sure everyone’s dressed for the occasion, warm coats, gloves, hats, wellies, thick socks are all vital to keeping warm and well, nobody wants to get sick on a fun night out when it could have been so easily prevented!

Keep a safe distance

Fireworks spit bits of wood, cardboard, and sparks when launched into the air which can cause injury, make sure to stay a safe distance away to prevent being hit. If you’re the one in charge of the display make sure to position the fireworks away from buildings or bystanders, ensuring that they are angled correctly to avoid instances of them falling over. When lighting a firework always do so at arm’s length & warn people once the fireworks have been lit.

Never return to a firework once it has been lit

Even if it appears to have not lit properly or if it falls over, never risk it as it could still explode!

Keep your pets protected

Many animals find fireworks terrifying, so take a few small steps to make sure they feel safe during the night. Masking the loud noises and bright flashes by closing blinds, curtains, and windows along with putting on the TV or music can help make them feel safe. Allow for a safe hiding spot to be visible and accessible, for example, under some furniture a cardboard box or a quiet corner.

For smaller animals cover part of the cage with a blanket to mask some of the noise, or provide bedding or blankets for them to huddle in to.

Supervise children at all times

Children may not always grasp the importance of following the basic safety rules during bonfire night, especially whilst being so full of adrenaline and excitement, therefore it is important to make sure they are supervised at all times, repeatedly verbalise the general safety rules about staying as far back from the fireworks as possible!

Make sure everything is burnt out before going indoors

Even a small fire that appears to look as though it will safely die out could easily cause a fire whilst everyone is asleep, so ensure that all flames are burnt out to prevent any potential danger.

Have a great night & always remember to stay safe!

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