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Interior Design | Children’s Bedrooms They Can’t Outgrow

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February 28, 2020 3:57 pm

When decorating your child’s bedroom, a space that will serve them for the long run is the most ideal and practical choice. Think good quality, timeless and of course, functionality.

Whether you want to opt for a gender-specific or gender-neutral theme you need to think about strategies to design a bedroom your children can’t outgrow.

Disposable décor

By this we mean artwork that is not permanent and can easily be modernised. Think removable stickers, photo frames, hanging signs and posters.

Sophisticated colour themes

Mature colour palettes or wallpaper in timeless designs will undoubtedly carry your child through their adolescent years. Think outside your typical pinks and blues, go for greys, whites and creams instead, and let the accents and accessories do the talking.

Invest in the furniture

Invest the money young and the furniture will no doubt pay its price in the long term. Timeless furniture, finished to the highest quality such as a dressing table or armchair make great investments, as they last long periods of time if looked after well, pieces like this also become a staple within the family.

Multi-purpose furniture

Although this can be pricey, multi-functional furniture is the equivalent of a 2-in1 deal. It has become incredibly popular in recent years and people are beginning to see the benefits of being more practical. Cribs become beds and changing tables become desks to you your child from baby to primary school. The best part is it can easily be passed down from child to child.

Ample storage space

As lovely cute, miniature furniture looks in your child’s bedroom, it really isn’t practical in the long run. Built in wardrobe spaces are the best option for adequate storage space, with their built in drawers, desk space and storage it will easily last your child throughout their school years.

Think ahead

Think about your child’s needs ahead of time. When purchasing their first bed, go for a double and add a safety rail whilst they are young, you will be grateful you purchased ahead as they get older.

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