Autumn/Winter 2020 Colour Trends


As we begin to approach Autumn, now is the perfect time to add some fall colours to your home interior. Whilst colour trends change and evolve over time, we have put together a few of our favourites…

Subtle pinks


Subtle pink shades work great in any room. With its ability to complement different colours, it offers a versatile element to any interior. Not only does it give warmth and charm to matte greys and charcoal tones, when added as an accent colour with neutral and whites it subtly pops. This tone added into a room in different texture forms whether it is a velvet stool, a woolly throw or a simple accent piece will make a great addition to any home this autumn.

Natural green hues 


Natural green hues, particularly mossy olive tones work as a fantastic transitional shade. If you want to go for a rustic theme, pair it with orange tones. Want to add a little drama and depth? Pair it with clay pinks and deep aubergines. Scandi vibes have also been incredibly popular in 2020. Pale woods and clean whites
paired with green tones work incredibly well together creating a calm and relaxed vibe.

Classic blues


Dark blue tones have been an increasingly popular colour choice, particularly for bathrooms and kitchens, showing no signs of slowing down this Autumn. Dark blues bring a sense of drama and modern flair into your home, thriving when paired with copper and brass tones.

Earthy tones 


Heading into autumn we all yearn for a cosy home. Opt for warm hues; mustards, deep burnt oranges and creams. These shades are at the warmer end of the spectrum naturally creating a welcoming homely feel. All these colours can be combined together or used as a staple colour for your home interior. Earthy colour schemes tend to also thrive when paired with natural materials; light and dark wood, natural stone will compliment the colours perfectly helping to create a down-to-earth natural feel.

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