Can staging your home increase its value?

What is property staging?

You’re about to put your house on the market and want to make it as appealing to potential buyers as possible. Here’s where home staging comes into the selling process.

Property staging simply means to ‘set the stage’. It’s when a seller prepares their home for potential buyers by making it look as good as possible. The goal of staging is to give your place a fresh feel, making adjustments that allow potential buyers to envision themselves – and their things – in your home. Too many personal belongings in the house might be distracting, yet rooms that are completely devoid of personal items can appear cold and impersonal.

Making your home as attractive as possible will increase interest, speed up the sale, and ensure that you earn a fair price for your efforts.

When would you need it & how will it benefit you?

In a strong market home staging can help you receive a better price for your property, in a slow market, home staging can be especially helpful in securing a sale. If your property isn’t drawing offers, instead of lowering your asking price, you may need to turn your efforts to focus on getting it in the best possible shape. By making your home appear more generally appealing you will automatically attract more potential buyers.


Help your property stand out online

With so much competition, it’s easy for your home to be buried in the sea of properties on the market. The key is to make every effort to stand out. Staged homes are much more appealing to potential buyers and could even persuade them to fall in love with your home even before they’ve seen it in person.

Make your home feel aspirational

You want to make a potential buyer fall in love with the property. By professionally staging your home you can create that emotional connection between a buyer and property. Everything from expertly picked out colour combinations, smart layouts and unique accessories will help the buyer develop positive feelings about the space and imagine living in it.

Increase the selling price

If your property has been on the market for a while and you’re thinking about lowering the price to help it sell, consider staging it instead. Staging not only speeds up the selling process, appealing to a larger pool of buyers it also secures more viewings and offers, ultimately resulting in a higher sale price.

Is it worth it?

Many homeowners love the idea of hiring an interior designer to help them design their dream home while they are living there, but are less enthused about home staging when it comes time to sell. Given that they are ready to move out, many people wonder if it is worth the money and hassle. However, you may find that the expense and effort of staging are slight when compared to the potential returns and benefits.

According to a 2019 House Staging research, staging your home can raise the value of your property by up to 10%.

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