Christmas decor trends 2021

Looking towards what will hopefully be a more ‘normal’ December. Christmas 2021 will stimulate feelings of hope and happiness we’ve been needing after a difficult 2020. We know that so many people are yearning for that joyful festive feeling of togetherness. So, here’s to more family members gathered around the tree and less zoom parties!

Traditional Nordmann Fir

If you want to go for the traditional classic feel this Christmas, the Nordmann fir is of course the most popular choice. Bringing a true nostalgic feel to a home, this tree has graced hundreds of thousands of homes and continues to reign supreme.

Decor Colours

Metallics are set to take centre stage this festive season with silvers and golds expected to be particularly popular. Incorporating silver into your Christmas decor is a great way to add a cool touch to your space, bringing a touch of snow inside with its chilly tones, and gold adding warmth and depth. Both colours complement your classic reds and whites,as well as dark shades, which are becoming increasingly popular for trees, table settings, and other décor.


Sustainability will continue to be an important focus for many this festive season. With more and more people becoming environmentally aware and conscious with what they purchase. Expect everything from recycled glassware and silverware to wrapping paper and even reusable crackers to be in demand. For those that are unsure of where or how to begin to reduce their carbon footprint, simply avoiding cards or wrapping paper that can’t be recycled is a great way to begin. From there on, you will find a plethora of sustainable items making your journey to a more sustainable Christmas so much easier!


Many of us have realised the importance of tradition in recent years, and with so many people missing out on the celebrations last year, a sense of nostalgia for when times weren’t as tough is yearned for by many. Vintage ornaments, old tableware and silverware and passed down tablecloths not only evoke memories, it’s also environmentally friendly. Restoring old decorations rather than buying brand new is a great way to achieve that nostalgic feel this Christmas.

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