Clever Storage Ideas

Organise your home this Summer with our clever storage tips!

storage ideas

Put your laundry detergent in containers

Transfer your detergent pods, detergent powder and any other laundry supplies you have into something a little more aesthetically pleasing than the original packaging. Something as simple as a sleek glass container can not only appear much nicer but also save much more space!

Drawer Organisers

Using drawer organisers is the best way to keep each item in place. That way not only will you know exactly where to find each item, you won’t have over spilling drawers that require emptying to find a pair of scissors. To achieve that organised sleek look, you can purchase clear dividers from your local home store or even make your own with left over cardboard!

Construct a grab & go cleaning station

It’s no secret that cleanliness and organisation go hand in hand. By constructing a simple grab & go cleaning station you can keep your supplies simplified and organised in one confined space. Store your most used cleaning supplies in a caddy and any items you use less frequently can be stored under the sink (behind the caddy). Then when you are ready to clean, you are ready to get up and go with everything you need.

Staggered shelves

Maximise your space the quick and easy way with staggered shelving units. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they are also a great way to stage both your taller and shorter home decor without it looking cluttered.

Teach kids the ‘one in, one out’ rule

Normalise teaching your kids that continuing to collect toys eventually leads to chaos, clutter and a whole mess. The best way to keep their play stations under control is by introducing the ‘one in, one out’ rule. Simply, when they get a new toy, send an old one to a charity shop!

Double up on hangers

This is a fantastic DIY project you can do from home! Simply take the tab from a fizzy drink can and slide the top hole onto your hanger, take a second hanger and hook it onto the second hole and there you have a double hanger! A fantastic way to organise your clothing and save cupboard space! You can even pair your outfits together making your mornings a breeze.

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