Dressing Your Christmas Tree

Gemstone Forest

Going for a maximalist approach? Something dramatic that catches the eye? The gemstone forest Christmas decoration trend is the one for you! The trend is all about mystical forests, mythological creatures, and a landscape that seems like something out of a fairytale. The palette for this unique theme is described as ‘moody and mysterious’ with the stunning green base shades coming to life with shots of magenta and perfectly placed touches of purple and gold to give it a luxurious and exciting finish. Don’t forget to decorate your tree with fairies, mushrooms, butterflies, mirrored ornaments, and neon lights for a truly magical look.

Luxe City

Want to go for a more contemporary and urban feel this year? Look no further! Playing homage to elegant geometry, this theme pairs a modern neutral pink palette with a hint of gold. The ‘Luxe city’ trend is inspired by cities, playing on the geometry found in modern architecture partnered with the warm glow of city lights. Think festive city culture, geometrical tree ornaments, mirrored materials and sophisticated pieces, all of which play a role in creating a striking modern look with a luxurious finish.

Snow Mountain

Bring the magic mountain lodges, echoes of the Scottish Highlands, snowy escapes and scandi vibes indoors. If you’re dreaming about a white Christmas then this one’s for you. Think twinkling silver, icy blues and plenty of neutrals with your traditional blues and reds serving as accent colours.

Midnight Circus

Introduce an ornate Venetian touch to
your home this Christmas. Rich shades
of copper and iridescent blues are the colours used to bring this incredible theme to life. Using extravagant décor pieces such as moon baubles, poker cards, Venetian masks to peacock leaves, and jewels really sets the tone for a ‘midnight circus’.

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