How To: A Quick And Easy Way To Spruce Up Your Stairs

Did you know that painting stairs is actually an easy DIY job you can get done over the weekend?

preperation is key

Preparation is key 

Before even as much as thinking about painting the stairs, ensure that they are in decent condition. Take some time out to make any repairs. If your staircase already has layers of paint invest in some paint stripper and strip them back! Make sure to thoroughly clean and sand your staircase in order to ensure the best possible outcome!

pick the right paint

Pick the right paint 

Before applying your paint you must prime them! Paint this on, let it dry before starting on your topcoat. Using paints made especially for floors are the best type to use when painting your stairs as they are designed to be much more resistant.

pick your design

Pick your design 

You also need to decide on exactly what you would like your stairs to look like once finished, are you after a simple single colour finish, a bold look? or something edgy? here are a few  of our favourite ideas;

  • The stair runner look- use paint to fake the illusion of a stair runner! 
  • Pair paint with wallpaper- paint the treads and add some personality to the risers with some wallpaper, you can be as bold as you like!
  • The ombre look- starting with a darker shade at the bottom and gradually making the colour lighter works the best when going for an ombre staircase look, to get a beautifully blended finish, use a sponge to blend the colours in the middle.
start to paint

Start to paint!

Once you’ve prepped, primed and decided on what look you are going for it is finally time to paint! as mentioned above make sure to purchase floor paints as they are designed to be durable and avoid your staircases becoming slippery. Once painted make sure to let your stairs dry thoroughly before stepping on them!

a few tips

A few tips 

  • Start at the top and work your way down!
  • Start early, preferably when everyone is out as paint can take hours to dry!
  • Use painters tape to tape off areas where you want to avoid paint getting to!  painters tape even works as a great template if you decide to be creative!

A freshly painted staircase makes a huge difference, particularly in hallways, remember your stairs are usually the first thing people see when they enter your home and first impressions count!

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