How To Feng Shui Your Home


Our home is our sanctuary. With lockdown keeping us indoors, it is more important than ever that our home creates a positive and inviting energy, keeping you calm and relaxed.

A home isn’t just a home anymore, it is a school, office, and gym all combined into one. More than one in four of us are now working from home due to the UK lockdown, which can create quite a stressful and uncomfortable environment to be stuck in.

Here are our top tips to feng shui your home;

Focus on your hallway

Focus on your hallway

Your hallway may seem like your last priority when it comes to your home. However, thinking of your hallway as the entrance to your sanctuary can make all the difference.

By creating a calm and serene atmosphere, you will automatically be transported to a more tranquil and peaceful place. You can do this by clearing any clutter and rubbish lingering in your hallway. Place any coats and loose shoes away in storage to creating a clean and organised setting.

Create a clear homeoffice boundary

Create a clear home/office boundary

With more of us working from home, it is vital that you make a space to work in. By doing this, you are able to separate your home and work life making you more productive and focused.

If you are using an area such as your kitchen or dining room to work out of, make sure to keep it tidy and organised by clearing away any loose paper and notebooks and the end of every work day. By having a cluttered home, you are creating a low and stagnant energy that can be very draining to your wellbeing. 

Keep your windows clean

Keep your windows clean

Your windows are your connection to the outside world. In a time where we are restricted when it comes to our time outside, having that connection can lighten your mood significantly.

Not only can they make you feel closer to the outdoors, they also bring in light into your home. With cleaner windows, the more light you are allowing to enter your home. Natural light has been proven to improve your productivity and overall mood.

Keep it colourful

Keep it colourful

Using colour in your home can easily create a sense of calmness and balance. In feng shui, colour represents the five natural elements; metal, earth, fire, water and wood.

Do your research to find what colour will best suit you. If you are looking for some clarity, lean towards more metallic colours such as white and grey. Fiery colours such as oranges and reds are a great way of creating energy and power, where as the opposite, blues and greys of water create a sense of calm.

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