How to pick the purr-fect flooring when you have a pet


Hard-wearing doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. From luxury vinyl tiles to stain-resistant carpets, there are choices to suit all homes and tastes – and all creatures great and small from your feline friend to your top dogs.

If you’re wondering if there are any specific qualities that a pet owner should look for in a floor,  consider this your pet-friendly flooring guide.

Resistance is key

It is important to look out for those materials that are the most resistant to scratches and damage. There are many carpets that are now available with stain resistant fibres meaning you do not need to worry about it getting damaged.

Deciding between carpets or hard floors

If you prefer a hard floor, vinyl, laminate, LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) or engineered wood are great for pets as they are easy to keep clean. Many laminate and LVT ranges have scratch-resistant-wear layers for extra protection against pet claws and scratches with LVT being especially durable and water-resistant

Consider clean-ability

For both carpets and hard floors it is important that pet hairs can be easily cleaned up.

Light-coloured carpets can be actually be very practical, especially if you choose one with stain-resistant fibres, buying those ranges made from 100% polypropylene can also be cleaned with a bleach solution if there are any accidents.

You also want to start getting your pet’s used to having their feet washed and dried before entering the home, or begin placing absorbent entrance mats for both the front and the back to avoid unnecessary dirt from entering the home

Be careful with colour

Certain colours are more forgiving when it comes to hairs and stains. Patterned and heather finish carpets work great with pets as they can disguise marks, also consider picking a carpet a similar tone to your pet’s fur, e.g. darker fur tends to stand out against lighter carpets and vice versa.

Get a grip

Some dogs struggle to walk across very smooth surfaces because of the their size and their claws, energetic dogs are more likely to prefer carpets so that it has a secure footing and is not slipping about on a hard surface

Place mats or rugs on hard flooring in key areas to allow traction. However, if you’re going for carpet throughout, those with a loop or very deep shaggy piles should be avoided as their claws can get caught.

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