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deck the halls

Bring the magic of Christmas into your home with these stunning Christmas hallway decorating ideas.

Set the scene

It’s all about first impressions, what is the first thing you want your guests to see? how do you want your guests to feel as they enter your home?  Are you looking to introduce a warming and cosy atmosphere or would you like to go for a cool, winter wonderland vibe?

Seasonal Scents

Scent is an often-overlooked element when decorating your home for the festive season. Incorporating seasonal aromas into the hallway instantly adds an inviting feel to your home, cinnamon, berry and orange-scented candles are just a few of the many aromas that add that authentic Christmas feel.


The festive season is a great time to play around with creative lighting in your hallway. Warm-toned lighting is perfect for the cold, gloomy winter months as it creates that much sought-after cosy atmosphere. If you are going for a cooler ambience, white toned lights work great to achieve that chic look.

Dress your staircase

The staircase is a focal fixture in your hallway. Dressing your bannister is the perfect way to create a statement and that Christmas spirit as you enter your home. Use a garland of foliage to wrap around the bannister, For a classy look a garland of white berry eucalyptus and pinecones work great, for a more traditional look add rich-toned berries- fun fact- eucalyptus is a great addition to your home as eucalyptus releases a fabulous scent when brushed past!  You could also add an extra festive touch to your hallway decoration by wrapping some fairy lights around the bannister along with the garland!

Want a more personal touch? Add some foliage collected whilst outdoors onto your garland!

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