Kitchen Renovation Tips

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Begin with a budget

First things first, budget. Set yourself a budget with a minimum and maximum spend that you cannot go over, that way not only will you be forced to stay within the budget, you won’t break the bank! So before picking out the finest of worktops and the latest electrical gadgets, really understand the amount you have to spend and allocate the spend wisely to each section. Remember it is always important to plan for the unexpected, so having some money within your budget to deal with anything unexpected is crucial.

Think about the layout

Whether you hire a professional designer or decide to do it yourself, try to avoid overcomplicating it, especially if it’s your first time. This is a huge task that can get overwhelming and very expensive, very quickly. You want to begin by envisioning what you want your kitchen to look like and how you want it to feel. Are you going for a practical feel? Or do you want to focus more on the aesthetic? Drawing up a rough sketch of a basic structure of how you want your kitchen to look is your starting point. Not only can you play around with the layout but place the large important elements like the traditional hob, washer or fridge/freezer in the best spots that cater to you the best. If you’re aiming for more space and easier movement around your kitchen, we would advise going for a more minimalistic approach, fewer cabinets and more of a sleek compact style. If you want to go for something more practical and multifunctional, add in more cabinets, that way you can guarantee that everything will have a place and clutter can be avoided.

Colours & materials

Once you’ve got a budget together and have decided on a layout you can then start thinking about what colours and materials you want to inject into your kitchen. Of course, this is entirely up to you, be as brave and bold as you like, however, it’s important to consider what colour can do for a space. Believe it or not, colour can impact a space massively. If you want to give your kitchen a bright open and airy feel, you want to go for neutrals and whites, whereas for those who would like to go for a more trendy and contemporary look, greyscale blacks work great. Want the best of both worlds? Choose a combination of both bright and dark colours!

Cabinets & Worktops

With so many different cabinet styles there’s no doubt you’ll be spoiled for choice when choosing yours. With a large variety of different materials, textures and colours, it can get overwhelming. When choosing your cabinets and worktops always take into account the durability of the materials. Sometimes we can get drawn to cheap materials but a lot of the time, the more expensive the material the better the quality, and the better the quality the longer they will last in pristine condition. You also want to ensure that you have taken accurate measurements of your space to work out the specific sizes required for your cabinets. In some cases, custom sizes will need to be made especially which could increase their cost.

Let the light in

Always make use of natural light, consider this when designing your layout. You want to make the most out of any natural light you have available. For those who don’t have access to natural light in the kitchen, you want to emulate this through your light fixtures and lighting.

Add a personal touch

A personal touch is so important, it’s what makes a room feel like home. Anything from photos, paintings and any other décor pieces all help to create a space you will feel comfort and happiness.

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