Kitchen Trends 2021 | Interior Design

kitchen trends 2021

Thinking about updating your kitchen? With plenty of new styles and design ideas to choose from, we’ve put together a few of our favourite kitchen trends for 2021…

The kitchen curve

You’ve probably seen it trending in furniture design, curved cabinets are visually stunning and add a real contemporary finish and soft, sensual feel to a kitchen.

Dark drama

Often overlooked as purely an ‘accent’ colour, black walls, cabinets, and work surfaces are making a huge comeback this year. With deeper more dramatic hues becoming more accessible, dark kitchens are becoming more popular than ever. When paired with textured woods it adds a beautiful rustic homely charm. Want to go for a fresh look? keep the walls and worktops light and the rest black.

Statement taps

The choice in bathroom taps has expanded substantially in recent years. Chrome and stainless steel have taken a back seat in the bathroom, with brass and black taps becoming the preferred style this new year.

Two-toned kitchens 

Two-toned kitchens have been all over Instagram lately. Not only does it bring a fabulous fresh colourful look to a kitchen, but two-toned kitchens are also an easy way to create instant interest. A popular method includes a darker colour for lower cabinets and a lighter shade for those shelves and cupboards that sit higher.

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