Spring 2022 | Kitchen Trends

Is it time to spruce up your kitchen this Spring? Here are just a few of our favourite trends guaranteed to make a statement.


Sustainability and a closer connection to nature will be at the heart of many of the biggest decor concepts in 2022, according to interior design trends. This further represents our desire to be closer to nature and incorporate it into our homes.

Whilst people aren’t necessarily willing to compromise on aesthetics or affordability, they are more aware of their options and will make decisions accordingly. Environmentally friendly kitchens, such as installing an efficient recycling bin or purchasing only A-rated appliances are a few of the simple steps many are taking to inject sustainability into their homes.

Modern Country

The Covid 19 pandemic, which saw a massive migration of people from big cities to more rural places, has fuelled a desire for a more rustic, country-inspired aesthetic in kitchens. Recreating a country-inspired kitchen with a modern vibe is expected to be a significant kitchen trend in 2022.

“As we enter 2022, this desire for a country-inspired interior has evolved slightly, with a softer colour palette and a more modern approach to this timeless trend”
Alex Main, Director of bespoke kitchen company The Main Company.

We’ve found that a lot more homeowners are experimenting with materials to create imaginative and unique kitchen designs by contrasting classic with contemporary elements. The trend ticks all the boxes from timeless design to supreme practicality, encapsulating the best of UK and British home styles, which is why we can’t get enough of modern country kitchen ideas.

Touches from vertical panelling to give a true country feel, to wall lights to add some old-world charm are great ways to get the look, and while exposed beams and worn brickwork are still popular, the key is to cleverly balance them with metallic accents, high-end appliances, and statement lighting to achieve the modern country look.

Patterned Tiles

If your kitchen floor has seen better days, it’s probably time for a makeover. Patterned tiles, which have proven a consistent favourite in recent years, are expected to be popular in 2022. Many homeowners are coming to the realisation that floors don’t have to be uninteresting and boring and instead are on the lookout for fresh ways to add personality to their homes.

Green Tones

This designer-approved colour will infuse your kitchen with the advantages of nature – and inspire optimism. Green kitchens are having more than a moment, they’re having a year. It is the kitchen colour to watch this year. With everything from strong emeralds and deep forest greens to soothing sage and balancing grey-green mid-tones, there’s a hue to fit any style, now set to continue dominating interior design trends in the coming seasons.

According to Darren Watts, Showroom Development & Design Director at Wren Kitchens, a surge of individuals have chosen green cabinets in their kitchens at the start of this year, ranging from mild sages to stronger, deeper tones.

“Greens create a peaceful and relaxed environment for the home. If you’re feeling braver and want to have fun with colour, green tones are the perfect colour option for kitchens,” says Darren.

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