The Pointless Home Improvements That Won’t Add Value – So Why Bother?

pointless home improvements

Many homeowners often assume that extensive upgrades and renovations will add more value to their home. In some cases, improvements may even act as a detriment when the property goes on the market. The real question is; will taking on expensive and disruptive be worth it? Will the work impact the value of your house? Will it be worth the money and hassle?

Here are a few pointless home improvements that won’t increase the value of your home…

Overbuilding for the neighbourhood

Some home improvements may accidentally make the home fall outside the norm for the neighbourhood. Buyers not only look at the asking price of your property but also the average price of a home in your neighbourhood.

Many potential buyers do not want to pay £250,000 for a property in a neighbourhood with average sale prices of £150,000. Although it will appear more desirable than the surrounding properties, it will still seem overpriced as many homebuyers pay for an area as well as a home. You also might just price your property out of the expected range for the area.

Extensive Landscaping

Home buyers may well appreciate a well-preserved or mature landscaping and a beautiful kerb appeal. This will encourage potential buyers to take a closer look at the property, but don’t expect your home’s value to soar because of it. Note that landscaping choices are usually down to personal preference. Buyers usually prefer to add their own personal touch to their garden-knowing they themselves can keep it maintained.

Swimming Pools

If you live in a climate where it is warm and sunny all year long, swimming pools will increase the value of your home. In the North West , however, the idea of maintaining a pool that will only be used for a couple of months of the year along with having to consistently maintain and additional safety issues puts off many potential buyers.

Wall to wall carpeting

New homeowners will more than likely replace any existing carpets, so don’t waste your time and money installing new ones. Instead, save some money and invest in a steam or carpet cleaner removing any stubborn stains.

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