Tips to Improve Your Home Lighting

tips to improve your home lighting

Lighting usually sets the tone of a home and should never be underestimated – though sadly, it usually is. Good lighting makes a significant difference in a room. If your space is feeling a little uninspired, here are a few tips to improve it through lighting…

Think about scale

Table lamps are great, they can work as a great décor piece as well as adding colour and brightness to your home. Table lamps are usually used to light the corner of a room, combining that with wall lights floor lamps and any additional lighting will effectively add a beautiful glow to your home, but sometimes a large lantern, an oversized pendant, or a big sculptural floor lamp can create the focal point that a room needs.

Add a dimmer

This lets you easily alter the mood and brightness of your lighting depending on the time of day.

Include at least three sources of light

This includes in each room, you’ve got your general (overhead or pendant) lighting, specific (task or table) lighting

Choose the right shade

Lighting helps with several tasks, whether that’s reading, writing, cooking etc, ensure that you aren’t straining your eyes, don’t forget you could also change the bulbs, whether you want to go for warm lighting, or white crisp lighting. White shades let more light through, but create a colder tone. Coloured shades will tint the light, making it appear, warmer, cosier or cooler depending on the hue you select.

Light the dark corners of your home

Shelves, kitchen counters, cupboards, etc are areas that are frequently overlooked, but become more functional and beautiful when properly lit.

Use candles for ambiance

Nothing helps to set the mood like a row of tealights, scented candles or a set of candlesticks on a dining table, it adds another element to the décor in your home and fills the home with a lovely aroma.

Feature reflective surfaces into your home

Mirrors, glossy floors, and metallic finishes are not only stunning additions to the home but also bounce light around a room.

Maximise natural light

This can be achieved by keeping your windows clean. This is an underrated hack, not only is it cheap and simple it also makes a significance difference to how much lights enters the room.

Add wall-mounted lamps

This is a really good way to enhance the decor and improve the overall lighting levels in the room, particularly if your walls are dark. Dark interiors are very much on-trend right now, but that comes with lighting issues, therefore we would say that wall lights are essential to brighten up the room, they also look great as décor pieces, from traditional styles, to contemporary and of course the growing minimalistic look.

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