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As one of the leading Estate Agents in the North West with over 130 years experience, we’ve got the team for you.

1. Has your land got potential?
Let’s make the most of your land.

2. I’ve applied for planning consent.
Let’s get things moving.

3. I’ve had planning refused.
We’ll help get your project back on track.

4. I’ve had planning approved.
Let’s look at your options.

5. My site’s under construction.
Exciting times ahead! Let’s talk.

1.Has my land got potential?

Make the most of your land

If you own a piece of land or a commercial premises, have a garden that could be built on, or maybe share a potential plot with your neighbours, there are several development options open to you. Our local land experts will take the guesswork out of your situation and can help you plot a path to the best possible returns.

Talk to us and we’ll explain if it’s worth applying for planning consent first (and if so, how to make an application), what sort of sites are particularly suited to the local market, and give you all the guidance you need. And if you decide to take things to the next stage, we know the local developers and house builders you can trust.

So let’s talk. There’s no obligation and our advice is confidential. We’ll weigh-up all your options and give you honest feedback and informed advice.

2. I’ve applied for planning consent

Made a planning application? Let’s look at your next steps

While you may already have an idea about what you want to do when you obtain consent for your land, there’s absolutely nothing to lose – and potentially plenty to gain – by talking to us about your project.

We’ll give you honest advice and will be able to offer you some fresh thinking about your plans. Plus, we know the builders and developers who are looking for opportunities in our area right now and may be able to help you make a profit sooner than you thought.

We can also deliver development consultancy advice, including pricing and market research, so that you’re all set for when you obtain planning. Whatever plans you’ve got in mind for your site, it’s worth talking to your local land experts.

3. I’ve had planning refused

We’ll help you turn a refusal into an opportunity

If you’ve had your planning application refused, all is definitely not lost. A high proportion of planning applications are turned down first time, so don’t give up. In fact, you could be at the start of a rewarding new strategy. Let us guide you through your next steps.

A planning appeal might seem like the most obvious course of action, but very often a refusal notice will give you all you need to know to overcome the planning objections. Talk to us and we’ll advise you on how to deal with the most pressing issues, reappraise the scheme, and perhaps help you find a buyer who will take on the challenge of getting the consent themselves.

Plus, there’s always the possibility that a buyer will work in collaboration with you to reapply for planning and complete the purchase once this has been granted.

4. I’ve had planning approved

Had planning granted? It’s your time to shine

If you’ve been given consent for a planning application, you’re in a very strong position. Your asset will be very appealing to housebuilders and developers, who don’t usually have the time and resources to speculate on buying land without it.

So should you stick or twist? Build the scheme yourself or sell the site on? We can help you make the smart move. It all starts with an up-to-date land valuation and we’ll also take an in-depth look at what the total value of the site could be with the new build units in place.

Often, you can pocket the profits sooner by not going to the effort of taking on the building work yourself. If you decide to explore selling the land, we can put you in touch with the contacts that matter. Either way, we’re here to help.

5. My site’s under construction

Set up with you in mind, our in-house marketing team offers you all the solutions required. We understand what it takes to market properties effectively. With us, you’ll find all the essential marketing services under one roof – along with a few innovative solutions that will really bring your development to life.

  • Featured Property
  • Rightmove Banners
  • Large For Sale Board
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Digital Adverts
  • Professional Photography
  • Outdoor Banners
  • Email Marketing
  • Media Tour

Miller Metcalfe’s Network

Since we began in 1891, the company has grown year on year and now is proud to employ over 50 employees across the company. We will ensure that all of our offices and every member of staff will promote the development. Staff will be informed about the site and will be able to deal with all enquiries efficiently and with confidence. We will also arrange for regular site meetings with the sales teams to ensure there is a strong awareness of the site.

Digital Awareness

The development will be prominently promoted on our website with clear imaging and easy access. There continues to be extensive investment in our website – and given that statistics show that 80% of home buyers now begin their search online, we are constantly developing and enhancing our digital offering. We know the portals that work for you and have significantly increased our marketing on Rightmove.co.uk to give you maximum exposure.

Raising your profile

If social media was a martial art, we would have a black belt. Keeping your profile & property/site in the limelight is important to us and this needs to be approached with flexibility across a number of social media channels including; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more… Many agents promote the same things day in day out and become white noise. We’ve got this nailed and will explain more when we speak.

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