5 bedroom tweaks for a better sleep


Making a few tweaks to your bedroom habits can play a significant role in helping you achieve that good night’s sleep you have been yearning for, here are a few of our favourites…

Black it out 

Room darkening blinds or curtains are a great way to block out any unwanted light from entering the room.

Lights from your television, computer, smartphones and any other electrics can also impact your sleep, these devices are used for consuming content, which distracts you from getting a good nights sleep! If you can’t part from your smartphone turn it over (screen side down)- this is a helpful way to eliminate any unwanted light that can occur from notifications popping up which can distract and ruin your sleep. 

Put your money where your mattress is 

Money spent on a new mattress is money well spent, especially if you are craving a good night’s sleep! Choosing a good quality mattress not only helps keep your spine properly aligned and comfortable, but it can also last (in good condition) for a number of years!


Nothing ruins a relaxing vibe than a room filled with clutter. If you don’t need it.. throw it away! No space to put everything? Invest in some smart storage! Anything from trays that can slide under your bed to Marie Kondos’s tips on how to maximise space by storing your clothes in the right way can make a significant difference to the amount of clutter piling up in your room. On a physical level clutter attracts dust which in turn can give you allergies, and on a psychological level, clutter irritates the mind reminding us of all the pending tasks that are yet to be completed, both of which can significantly impact your sleep quality!

Get comfy 

Did you know that colour has the ability to transform a room and create various moods? So it’s important to choose the right shades to help you feel calm and relaxed, helping you sleep comfortably during the night.  Mixing fabric textures is also vital to achieving a truly cosy feel, so layer your bed with velvets knits and cotton to achieve the ultimate cosy feel!

Sound Advice 

Reducing, or even better-eliminating noise in your bedroom can help you sleep also make your room feel more welcoming. Noises and notifications from your smartphone, computer etc can be incredibly distracting, so try to turn them off or putting them on silent before sleeping at night. 

For those who have trouble sleeping, white noise can really aid in blocking out distracting noises for a good night’s sleep. 

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