5 Easy Ways to Make This Your Most Sustainable Summer Ever!

sustainable summer


Put away your phone, laptop, games consoles, even if it’s for a few hours in the day. We all have the habit of checking our devices multiple times a day, try to relieve yourself from the stresses of the social media world and have time to be present and perhaps even try some greener activities.

Ditch plastic bottles

Single-use plastic water bottles are the main contributor to pollution, ending up in landfills and never getting recycled. Although it is incredibly tempting, especially with the weather heating up, avoiding purchasing plastic bottles this summer is a simple way to begin reducing your carbon footprint.

Grow your own 

There are many environmental issues that come with purchasing huge volumes of supermarket food, from the plastic packaging it is sold in, to the distance it has travelled from farm to supermarket shelves and even the harmful herbicides and pesticides used in the growing process.

Growing your own fruit, veg, salads and herbs is another great way to reduce your carbon footprint, not only does it taste better, but is also healthier and can even work out much cheaper than purchasing directly from a supermarket.


A lot of sunscreens contain a type of minuscule plastic called microbeads. These microbeads cause damage to to the ocean, human health and the environment. They also tend to absorb harmful toxins which end up in the marine food chain. 

In recent times, a huge volume of awareness has risen about this issue resulting in many plastic-free alternatives becoming available to purchase! A quick internet search will reveal a huge range of affordable alternatives.

Re-think fast fashion 

Cheap clothing produced by big brands in huge volumes is a huge contributing factor to CO2 emissions, not only that, the additional environmental risks that come along with it include textile waste and water pollution from toxic dyes and chemicals. Instead, try upcycling your clothes, cut up an old pair of trousers and make them into a pair of summer shorts, or take an old plain tee and make it into a tank top, the possibilities are endless!

Vintage and thrift shopping has also become increasingly popular in 2020, more than ever before, so think twice before throwing items out and filling a landfill, instead resell to a local market or donate to a charity shop. If you’re looking for a new top? head out to your local thrift shop we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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