6 simple ways to save money on your energy bills

Understand your energy bill

The information on a typical energy bill can be confusing, but making sense of it can go a long way to helping you get to grips with your energy usage at home. Many home energy providers can assist you with this. Most energy bills will break down your usage into how much gas and/or electricity you are currently using, the cost per unit, and your current tariff. By knowing your current usage, and the cost per unit you are currently paying, it will be much easier to shop around for the best price.

Switch it off

Did you know that simply remembering to turn your appliances off standby mode can save you up to £35 each year?

A lot of appliances tend to use power even when they are on standby. Figures published by British Gas suggested that turning off your TV and set-top box would lead to savings of approximately £24 a year. Since then, prices have gone up, making the potential savings higher.

Almost all electrical and electronic appliances can be turned off at the plug without interrupting any programming. Look into purchasing a standby saver which lets you turn all your appliances off standby in one go. If you’re unsure about an appliance, look it up in the manual. Some satellite and digital TV recorders may require that you leave them plugged in in order for them to maintain track of any programmes you want to record.

Get a head

Installing an efficient showerhead is advised, especially if your shower draws hot water directly from your boiler or hot water tank. This will help you save money on hot water and still give the same sensation as a normal powerful shower.

Get savvy with smart controls

Smart heating controls are the latest innovation to help you manage your heating and energy usage as they increase your awareness of exactly how much energy is being used in your home. By allowing you to control your heating remotely using a mobile app, you can control the temperature of your home no matter wherever you are, making it practical and a great investment.

Turn off lights

Turn your lights off when you’re not using them. It really is as simple as that. Did you know that if you switch off a light even if it’s for a few seconds, you will save more energy than it takes for the light to start up again, no matter what type of light it is. As we’re moving into the new year, why not begin getting into the habit of turning off lights, especially in rooms that are already lit or not in use. This will save you around £11 a year on your annual energy bills.

Draught-proof your property

Draughty spaces in your home can cause a lot of heat loss, meaning you’ll have to spend more money on heating to keep your property warm.

Areas in the home prone to losing heat include; seal cracks in floors or skirting boards, through the chimney and even your letterbox. Your windows and doors are the main areas where you lose heat, especially if your windows aren’t double-glazed. Plastic lining for windows is a great way to tackle this issue as it helps keep the heat in. Even lining your letterbox or blocking an unused chimney can reduce your heating bill by up to £35 per year.

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