Foolproof Hacks To Help Christmas Go As Smoothly As Possible

We all want the perfect Christmas, but achieving those few days of festive fun and relaxation takes some keen organisation skills and plenty of forward planning!

Take time off

Book some days off work and dedicate the time to do all of your Christmas shopping and any other festive preps. We’re talking about everything from clearing out the cupboards, to making space for your Christmas shopping and buying presents!

Create a list

Say goodbye to frantic stress! Before you make a start on anything, you want to make some lists. Divide your list into different categories – food, drinks, entertainment, decor and gifts. This will not only help you be more efficient, but it will also help you become more organised. You will benefit from categorising each task from most to least urgent, which will help you remain on track and relieve you of the burden of remembering everything you need to do. Digital lists are great for this as they can be easily updated when you’re out and about!

Decide on the menu

Once you’ve written up your lists, it’s then time to be realistic about what you will actually have time to do. We are all guilty of being overly ambitious when it comes to food, but do you really have the time to make three different types of stuffing and two turkeys? The key is to be realistic and not give yourself too much to do. We would recommend writing out a menu and printing out any recipes you’ll need on the big day. Remember to pull out the large dishes, special crockery, and everything else you’ll need to serve/make these dishes ahead of time. To avoid any last-minute surprises, double-check that you have everything you need, wash it, and store it in a secure location.

Make space

You want to have a thorough clear out of the kitchen cupboards at the beginning of December to make room for all the festive goodies you will be accumulating over the coming weeks. Throw away anything that’s out of date and donate any tinned items you know won’t be used before its end date.

Make time for gifts

The last thing you want to do is leave wrapping presents too late, it’s a time-consuming task that can be tackled well in advance leaving you to focus on everything else. Take a day out to wrap gifts, write out cards and even get them to the Post Office if you need to get them delivered in time for Christmas.

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