Front Door Colour Trends

Did you know that a carefully selected front door colour can improve the kerb appeal of your property, have a tremendous effect on your mood and wellbeing and even add value to your home?


It’s no surprise that green is become increasingly popular because of its association with nature and its ability to calm and revitalise. Green is an incredibly versatile colour that blends well with surrounding greenery and existing exterior elements on both modern and period houses.

“We’ve returned to nature, it’s instinctive,”

“The great outdoors has its own palette, if you take from that palette, pick out one beautiful shade of smoky green you see in the foliage or a sage bush and put it onto your front door, it looks gorgeous. Sky blues and leafy greens are this wonderful way that we can visually reconnect with nature, which is so good for us.”

Marianne Sillingford, Creative Director at Dulux

Tranquil blues

Bright Skies was named the colour of the year 2022 by Dulux, an airy, light blue that’s described as being;

“Fresh open and invigorating, delivering a flavour of the natural world bringing a breath of fresh air to space, integrating nature into daily life, transforming spaces into a restorative escape from everyday stress.”

Tranquil blues have a wonderful transforming quality the hue is frequently connected with comfort, hope, inspiration, and power making them ideal for your entrance.


Soft pinks

Succulent pinks and earthy tones are becoming increasingly trendy as we yearn for an escape. It is a wonderfully versatile colour that comes in a variety of shades to give your front door a fresh and distinctive look. Milk Thistle is a shade that stands out for us, it’s a wonderfully soft warm shade that brings a sense of comfort to the home. The pretty pink hue paired with brass door furniture work incredibly well together to create an unforgettable first impression.

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