Hot Tips: Making The Most Of Your Outdoor Space This Summer

hot tips

Now that the weather is heating up it’s time to focus on making the most out of your outdoor space!

Outdoor furniture and accessories


There are plenty of online outlets and stores selling a huge variety of different garden furniture style and colour options, keep an eye on local businesses and thrift shops, you may be able to find a bargain or unique gem that pulls the entire outdoor space together! 

Pillows are a great accessory to add to your seating area, as they not only ooze comfort but also make the space look as cosy as the living area inside your home. Outdoor pillows are usually filled with lightweight polyester stuffing and many are even made from weather resilient fabric, which means they won’t fade as badly in the sun and can withstand the retention of water.

Do your research


Take time and browse online, Pinterest and Instagram are great places for interior inspo. If you’re feeling a little bit more creative try creating a mood board of images, styles and colours that inspire you.

To create an outdoor mood board, consider an outdoor colour theme, do you want to keep it clean and simple with whites and greens or would you prefer a more exotic vibe with oranges and reds?

You also want to establish a purpose, not only does your outdoor need to looks good and stylish it also needs to be functional!

Pots & Plants


Nature completes any outdoor space. It is very tempting to buy something based on impulse or looks without considering whether it will thrive in your space. Always keep on top of pruning watering and feeding, a little bit of TLC can go a long way!

When choosing your pots stick to a theme, don’t mix and match, try to stick to one colour palette and style and give the plants the opportunity to shine!

Why not get the whole family involved in the garden and get hands-on fun and grow your own fruit and veg and herbs, you don’t have to have a huge outdoor space, even a small space can produce a sizeable amount.

Walls, lighting & flooring


You wouldn’t leave your house walls bare so why would you leave your outdoor space bare? Use mirrors, frames and art pieces to add a pretty aesthetic. Lighting is also key to creating you desired atmosphere, whether you want a zen feel, or an outdoor bar feel, solar lights, string lights, lanterns, neon sign lights all create different moods for your outdoor space.

Outdoor rugs fake grass and inexpensive DIY decking tiles can transform the cold stone floors. Not only will focusing on the flooring make a significant difference to the look of your outdoor space, but they are also made to withstand harsh weather and of course provide a soft place for bare feet to rest elevating the much sought-after cosy vibes.

Treat your outdoor space like another room


Your outdoor space should be a natural extension to your home, meaning you should consider the theme, concept and aesthetics of your home interior and bring that outside.

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