How To Keep Your House Warm This Winter

Keeping Your Home Warm

When it’s freezing cold outside, you need to pull out all the stops, and running your heat 24/7 isn’t the most efficient (or inexpensive) answer.  Check out a few tips on how to keep your house warm this winter…

Improve your insulation

First things first, improve your insulation! Warm air can escape through your roof, walls, and floors, therefore to maximise the warmth in your home you would either need to install more or ensure there are no gaps in your existing insulation. 

Glaze your windows

Double or triple glazing your window can cut heat loss significantly. If you don’t want to take on the cost of calling a pro, you can buy a shrink-film window kit to help insulate your windows in a cost-effective and safe way this winter.

Draft proof your doors

Don’t let cold winds get in or warm get out! Place a draft stopper at the base of your door throughout the winter season.

Keep windows and doors closed.

Try not to leave your windows and doors open for a prolonged period of time. Cold air entering the home can be incredibly difficult to heat up. If you are feeling too warm in the house, simply turn the heating down or try slightly opening your window for a few minutes until you have cooled down.

Thick curtains 

Often overlooked, thick curtains can contribute significantly to keeping your house warm this winter. The thicker the curtains, the warmer you’ll be. If you can find some with a thermal lining, even better.

Close off unused rooms

If you have rooms that aren’t in use regularly in your house (guest bedrooms, an office, a gym), close the doors. Not only will this help keep the heat contained to a smaller space, but it also prevents cold air from circulating throughout the house.

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