Make your home a sanctuary of wellbeing in the new year


For many of us, the beginning of the new year will be spent indoors, making it more important than ever to design your home in a way that allows you to feel good about yourself and in more control during these uncertain times.

Find a balance 

Many of us will continue to work from home in the new year, therefore it is important to find the balance between your personal and home life. The ideal work-from-home scenario is to have your own home office, so once the working day ends you can close the door and easily merge into normal life again. But for some, this isn’t possible, and finding an alternative way to switch off is needed. Using furniture or large plants to create broken-plan zones is a great way to separate work, relaxation and other activities, as it visually differentiates work from your personal life.

Natural Light

Making the most of natural light is key- not only does natural light help the body produce vitamin D and fight off seasonal blues, but its also in short supply during the dark gloomy season of winter, so make the most of it and take advantage!

Everything needs a place 

Look around your home and find areas you can dedicate to health and wellbeing. Along with work and everything else, making space for self-care and enrichment goes a long way towards enhancing wellness in the home. Whether it’s a small space to wind down and relax or a place to express yourself through arts and crafts, having a dedicated space is a great way to wind down and enjoy doing the things you love most.

Winter Tones

Colour has the ability to transform a room and create various moods, so it’s crucial to choose the right shades to help you feel comfortable and relaxed at home. Mixing fabric textures is also vital to achieving a truly cosy feel, so layer your velvets knits and cotton across soft furnishings to tie your stunning, cosy winter look together.

Clear your space

It can be challenging to feel relaxed and comfortable in a home that is cluttered. On a physical level clutter attracts dust which in turn can give you allergies, and on a psychological level, clutter irritates the mind reminding us of all the pending tasks that are yet to be completed. De-clutter!

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