Marie Kondo’s Top Tips For Tidying

Top Tips For Tidying by Marie Kondo

Are you thinking of having out a clear-out and starting the new decade a fresh? If so, Marie Kondo is on hand to share her top tips on the art of tidying and decluttering…


Make sure there is a place for everything

Start off by simply labelling baskets and boxes, it truly is as simple as it sounds and will make life much easier when you are trying to locate items you need!


Does it spark joy?

Consider each item and ask yourself if it sparks joy, if the answer is no the simple solution is to throw it away!


Don’t hang, fold!

Organise your drawers with Marie Kondo’s vertical folding technique. Aim for maximum storage by using shoe boxes or drawer dividers to keep your clothes from unnecessary creases and keep them standing straight in neat rows.

Kondo says that arranging things vertically will save space and allow your belongings to become more eye-catching.

paper work

Dump the paperwork!

We are all guilty of shoving our letters into drawers. All your paperwork should fit in one place divided into two groups; papers to be saved and papers to be dealt with. Avoid piled of papers and store them in an upright holder to avoid the collection getting out of hand.

wear donate

Throw away anything you no longer need before creating more space

Go through all of your belongings and ask yourself if you really need it, if the answer is no, bin in!


Tackle categories, not rooms

Kondo’s first rule is to tackle by category, Marie Kondo advices to begin with clothing since it is the least emotionally loading of one’s things, with books taking the second spot along with old photographs.

tidying clothes

Respect your belongings & fall in love with your closet

Kondo asks that you acknowledge your clothing’s feelings; Are they happy being scrunched up at the back of the wardrobe or piled up in the corner of the room? Once you have cleared away the clutter and tidied everything away, planning an outfit and finding what you need in the morning will become so much more easier!

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