Peaceful Home, Peaceful Life | 5 Simple Ways To Make Your Home Life More Peaceful

peaceful life

Take inspiration from what makes you happy

Think of the place you are happiest and allow its presence to permeate your home. For example, some people feel a deep connection to the sea, and they might be inclined to arrange an area of their home in a way that reflects this. Deep blues are associated with calmness, and neutral colours like sand are similarly linked to neutrality and serenity. A lover of the sea could also bring pebbles, driftwood, glass and other items found on a beach, as well as associated art pieces. Wherever it may be that elicits feelings of calm within you, see if you can bring its spirit into your home.

Bedroom Boundaries

Sleep is a vastly underappreciated element in the journey to a peaceful existence. Your bedroom, of course, is paramount to achieving a good relationship with sleep. And since we spend on average around a third of our lives sleeping, it makes sense that we make a concerted effort to arrange our bedrooms in such a way that sets us up for a blissful night’s sleep, every night. One of the most potent ways this can be achieved is by setting up rigid boundaries with your bedroom. Your bedroom should be treated as a refuge, a place of rest and relaxation. As such, it is important to leave the stresses of work and social life away from this safe haven, and this can be done by physically removing the likes of your laptop and work phone in another room and establish the respect for a restful environment. 

Sleep Tweaks

Leaving the outside world outside your bedroom is important, but there are a few subtle tweaks that can be made within your bedroom to maximise your sleep efficiency:

  • Lighting: Our bodies sleep regulation systems are controlled mainly by our environments lighting. Blackout curtains are vital for those that live in areas where light is inescapable, such as the city. Also, dimmer switches are great because they allow us to gradually decrease the light in our room in advance of our planned sleeping time, from normal lighting, to dimmed, to almost dark and full darkness. Perfect for a gradual and gentle transition from wakefulness to sleep. 
  • Temperature: scientists have found that a temperature of around 18 degrees Celsius, give or take a few degrees because our bodies all respond differently, is ideal for sleep. Adjusting the thermostat accordingly and taking some time to find your sweet spot will greatly improve your sleep. Cotton sheets also allow us to regulate sleep temperature optimally

Green Peace

Bring some nature into your home. Humans are losing their relationship with the outside world through being away from it for so long. One way you can become back in touch with the natural world, and feel more fulfilled as a result, is by adding some plants into your home. Go crazy, add some greenery wherever there is space. Add a variety, tall, towering plants perhaps in a pot in the corner of your living room, hanging plants around curtains and above kitchen tops, and perhaps some more subtle plants in bathrooms and bedrooms. Cacti, aloe vera, ferns, whatever takes your fancy. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing and good for the soul, plants will purify your air and provide your home with an abundance of oxygen, improving your physical health as well as mental and emotional health. 

Scents for Zen

It is important to bless all our senses with goodness, not only visual input. Similarly, to colours being associated with certain emotions, there are a category of scents that are said to relate to relieving anxiety and stress. Candles, oils and room diffusers are a great way of achieving this, and you can ensure use of eco-friendly and locally sourced products. Here are a few scents that are said to be calming.

  • Lavendar 
  • Valerian 
  • Jasmine 
  • Bergamot 
  • Chamomile 
  • Rose 
  • Ylang Ylang 
  • Lemon 

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