Preparing Your Home For a Spring Sale

If you want to sell your home quickly this spring, now is the time to start prepping your property. If you want to put your house on the market and hope for the best, you can always wait till the weather warms up and the daffodils bloom. The astute seller, on the other hand, recognises that a little planning ahead of time will net him more money than simply selling a house as-is once spring arrives.

Spring cleaning

Cleaning your property now will not only make your move easier it will also benefit you in many other ways. It’s important to remember that clean houses sell faster. Of course, buyers are aware that when they move into a home the existing belonging will usually be gone but allowing them to walk into your home without the added clutter can help them envision living there.

Inspect your home

Whilst cleaning we would also advise you to carry out a full inspection of your home. Make a list of any projects or repairs that need to be completed as you go, and try your best to go through and complete each task.

Kerb appeal

The kerb appeal of a property is very important to potential buyers. This is the first impression they get when they first walk up to the property, much like the front cover of a book. No matter how much work, time and money you put into the interior of your home, you won’t get the right buyers through the door unless they are attracted to the exterior of the property.

Tip: If your front door is looking a little tattered something as simple as buying a new handle, a fresh brass letterbox or a stainless steel house number can instantly improve the kerb appeal of your home!

Brighten up dull areas

To give potential buyers the best impression of your property you want to make it feel and appear light and airy. Cleaning your windows and opening them up to let fresh air in will help, but you also want to try to think of other ways to make the most of what little natural light is available in those gloomy rooms. A different colour scheme, more mirrors or even moving furniture around can all help to bring more light into your home.

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