The Open Plan Living Trend | Get The Look

Whether you want an open floor plan to make your home more saleable, more room to make it more liveable or to modernise the appearance of your house, if your property appears to have more space, both you and potential buyers will find it much more appealing.

If you want an open floor design, make sure to delineate each part of your room. You’ll want to keep things looking organised because this will give you a polished appearance. Try out various flooring types and designs to show where each begins and finishes.

Another excellent approach to dividing up space is through furniture. Arrange your sofas in a square or invest in L-shaped pieces for an instant divider.

Of course, there are drawbacks to open-plan living, this can be expected with anything in life. However, if utilised properly, you could gain from your home’s lighter, airier atmosphere.

The lack of wall space can sometimes be a worry for many when it comes to open plan layouts, I mean, what more suitable location is there for our sideboards, cabinets, and appliances than the wall? The ideal substitute is a kitchen island, especially if it serves many purposes. A hob can coexist peacefully with a breakfast bar and some storage cabinets.

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