How To Plan Out Your Dream Breakfast Bar

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Desirable to many, a breakfast bar creates a welcoming social space and casual dining spot as opposed to traditional dining rooms. With open-plan kitchens becoming more and more popular, the addition of a breakfast bar offers the opportunity for a communal focal point for family life and guests, where people can gather, eat, and conversate, all while providing plenty of storage space to keep surfaces sleek and clutter-free.  

Size matters 

Before investing in a breakfast bar, its vital to ensure you have enough space for it to work. Too small and it will look out of place in a large space, too big and it will completely overwhelm the layout of your kitchen making it impractical.  The key is to map out your space to see what you have to play with. Start by using tape to line out the potential space, making sure to account for chairs and draws to pull out with ease.

Durability is key 

It is important that your breakfast bar caters to all kinds of activities. Remember, it is a spot where many will gather for food, drinks, and conversations. So, as well as focusing on the aesthetic of your bar, you also want to spend some time ensuring it is durable. Opt for resistant, hardwearing heavy-duty materials that will withstand the test of time. 

Position it perfectly  

To find the perfect position for your breakfast bar you want to think about its purpose. Will it be a place for your children to enjoy their morning breakfast, a workspace or a social point for family and friends to gather around? Taking these factors into consideration will help you decide the perfect spot for your breakfast bar.  

Light it up 

A kitchen breakfast bar is an area that should be well-lit. We’re talking about both natural and artificial lighting. Maximising natural light should be a priority when designing the layout of your cabinets and units, work around the natural light and position them around the windows. Artificial light also plays a key role in the aesthetic of your breakfast bar – usually positioned underneath the breakfast bar LED flexible lighting is a popular option for integrating mood lighting and a cosy ambience into your kitchen space. Statement hanging lights are also great for lighting your breakfast bar. Not only that, they can take the aesthetic of your space to a whole new level.  

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