Can improving a home’s exterior boost saleability?

Can improving a home's exterior boost saleability

According to research, simply spending a couple of hundred pounds on the ‘kerb appeal’ of your property can significantly make a difference to a potential buyers first impression of a property.

A survey from the HomeOwners Alliance has found that 2/3 potential buyers say the appearance and condition of the outside of a property will heavily influence their decision to buy. Two of the main features of the house they notice are the condition of the roof and the maintenance of the windows throughout the property.

Don’t panic if your property isnt up to scratch!

Fixing these problems doesn’t have to break the bank. The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) estimated the costs of fixing broken tiles on a roof, tidying up the garden and improving the front-drive or pathway to the house to amount to just a few hundred pounds.

The kerb appeal of a property is very important to potential buyers. This is the first impression they get when they first walk up to the property, much like the front cover of a book. No matter how much work, time and money you put into the interior of your home, you won’t get the right buyers through the door unless they are attracted to the exterior of the property.

Here we have detailed the key features of your property to keep an eye on, along with the estimated cost of repair gathered by the FMB;

  • Roof (approx £190)
  • Windows (free to clean)
  • Pathways/Driveway (approx £100-£500 depending on level of damage)
  • Fences (approx £500 depending on level of damage)
  • Well-painted frontage (depending on if scaffolding is required approx £400 a day to hire)
  • Clean Gutters (approx £250 to repair)
  • Hidden bins (free)
  • Lighting (approx £250 – £750)
  • Front Garden (approx £150)

Most of the above jobs you can do yourself on very little budget. Simply cleaning, painting and gardening can come at little to no cost. The biggest problems you may face are the much larger jobs that require a professional tradesperson to complete the work. Not only will you incur the cost of materials, but you will also have to take into account the cost of labour and time it will take to complete.

If you wish to find out how much your property could be worth, book your free valuation with our local experienced team!

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