How much value can a conservatory add to your home?

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With home improvements becoming increasingly popular over the past few years, millions of homeowners are beginning to see the added value and choosing to extend or upgrade their homes, whether it’s for them to live in or before they sell.

Around £40 billion has been spent on home improvements and renovations over the past 7 years with new flooring, redecorating and garden landscaping being amongst the most popular options, with around 11% of home- improvers having paid out for a conservatory spending on average £4,300. That is not to say they are undesirable for homeowners as they are not only a great way to add light to a property they add value to a property and increase its desirability and saleability.

Exactly how much value a conservatory adds depends on the location of the property and the type of conservatory.

Check whether planning permission is needed

Conservatories are generally easier to get planning permission for than fixed structures making them a great way to add square footage to a property along with increasing it’s value.

Consult local estate agents about how much value you can expect to add

Local Estate Agents will have a great deal of information regarding similar properties with added conservatories along with average prices, so it would be recommended to contact them for some advice. Contact Miller Metcalfe here.

Get quotes from a few different companies specialising in conservatories

It is also worthwhile asking to see previous examples of conservatories they have previously installed in similar properties.

Don’t skimp on the costs

Sometimes installing cheap conservatories can decrease the value of a property particularly after a few years wear and tear. On average you should expect to pay around £4000-£10,000 depending on the size of your property.

Make sure your conservatory blends with the rest of the property

If the addition of a conservatory ends up looking ‘clumsy’ it could potentially lead to a decrease in the value of your home, make sure to ensure a smooth sense of flow between the rooms.

Think about heat retention

Conservatories tend to lose more heat than other room even with double glazing. Look to adding blinds, curtains or even thick carpets or rugs to retain heat. It is vital to remember that conservatories are not necessarily meant to be practical but to be enjoyed, if you take real care and take pleasure in your conservatory future owners are likely to do the same.

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