How to get your Home Ready to Sell

If you are looking to sell your home, there are a few factors to consider. It is vital to remember that not everyone that comes to view your property has the same emotional attachment to it as you do. Therefore, if you really want to sell your home you must step into the shoes of a viewer and potential buyer, ask yourself; what do they want?

Here are a few helpful tips to get you started;



Now is the time to consider clearing out anything you no longer need, not only will a house with less clutter be more appealing to potential buyers but will also make your move much smoother. You may even make some money getting rid of items with potential hidden value.

Neutralise & De-personalise copy

Neutralise & De-personalise

Simple changes and adjustments to your property can make a significant difference leaving a lasting impact on potential buyers. A lick of paint helps those viewers that do not have the ability to imagine a property as a blank canvas, so try your best to get rid of any personalisation by toning down your décor and tidying away any clutter, making your home appear spacious, as this will then help the potential buyer invision living there.

Factors such as the grouting in the bathroom and kitchens should be considered. There isn’t really a need to invest in a new kitchen or bathroom, instead replace or repair a few cupboards, handles or get the carpets cleaned which will refresh your home and add additional appeal to viewers. Also, don’t underestimate the power of good lighting, see our blog for some tips on how to improve your home lighting.

Get Green Fingered

Get Green Fingered

Make sure that your garden is kept neat and well maintained. Spring time means good weather and blooming flowers, check out our blog on how to improve your garden and give viewers the best first impression of your home.

Light & Airy

Light & Airy

To give potential buyers the best impression of your property you want to make it feel and appear light and airy. Spring time is great for this as not only does it remain lighter for longer, the fresh blooming flowers make for a stunning aesthetic.

Remember to clean your windows and open them up to let fresh air into your home. You also want to try eliminating those smells that are off-putting for viewers, such as cooking or pet odours. Don’t be stingy on your heating for viewings, put the heating on an hour or so before the viewers arrive, that way they will feel warm and welcome as soon as they arrive.

View right

View Right

Picking the right agents is essential, letting them take on the viewings for you is also favoured as this allows viewers to ask deeper questions and not feel pressurised into any decisions. Miller Metcalfe cover 11 areas across the North West and provide great packages, contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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