What your moving home timeline should be

what your moving timeline should be

As estate agents, we know that moving house can be a stressful time, especially if you are not organised. From packing up your belongings to coordinating with movers, there’s a lot to manage in the entire process. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. To help make your transition as seamless as possible, we’ve put together a comprehensive moving house checklist.

Whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned mover, this guide will help you stay on track and ensure nothing is overlooked. Follow our timeline to ease your stress and make your move a smooth and efficient experience.

Moving House Timline

Two Months Before.

  • Be organised
    Having all your move paperwork together, like legal documents and insurance papers, will make sure you’re not faffing around looking for a missing document at the last minute! Buy a file or folder to keep everything together.
  • Keep or Go
    Deciding what you’re keeping or what must go early on is important, especially when it comes to the actual packing process. If you know there won’t be enough room for all your things (if you’re downsizing) don’t be afraid of letting go of things.
  • Moving companies
    Having a reliable removals company is essential as you don’t want to be let down on the day! Check online and make sure you read reviews.

Seven Weeks Before.

  • Packing
    You will need to buy some tape, markers and bubble wrap so you can keep your belongings organised. You will also need to buy some boxes. Local businesses may be able to provide you with some cardboard boxes that you could put your smaller possessions in, worth the ask!
  • Not enough room for that
    If you have sorted through your belongings and noticed there are things you no longer want or need, charity shops will be more than happy to take most things from you. You could also hold a car boot sale of your unwanted belongings!

Six Weeks Before.

  • Schools
    If you have children, you will need to notify the school they are attending that you are moving. Make sure to get copies of your children’s/child’s school records and check into the enrolment process at the schools closer to where you are moving to.
  • Medical records
    Make sure to ask your doctor for your family’s medical records as you might need to change your GP to a more local one.

Five Weeks Before.

  • Call the moving company
    As you have already looked around and researched for a good reliable moving company, now is the time to call them and book a date and time and also let them know the relevant details of your move, such as the addresses.

One Month Before.

  • Pack the unimportant things
    The time has come to start packing. As you will have already got some boxes, markers and tape, start packing away non essential things and make sure to label them!
  • Utilities
    Contact your utility providers and start the closing process. You should also shop around for utility providers for your new home.
  • Moving from a rented property?
    You should now notify your landlord and find out when you can get your security deposit back from them. Be sure to also note metre readings just before you move out.

Three Weeks Before.

  • Food
    Be sure to use up any food items that you aren’t planning on taking with you. Make a plan to have nothing left in your freezer, and use up any open food items!
  • Pets
    Make arrangements to get your pets to your new home.
  • Change your address
    Make a list of all the companies, friends and family you need to notify you are changing addresses, such as banks and credit card providers. You will need to register on the electoral roll at your new address too.
  • Insurance
    If your current home is insured, it’d be a good idea to check with your insurance provider to transfer it to your new property.
  • Car
    You will also need to inform your car insurance company of the change of address.

Two Weeks Before.

  • Pack everything
    It’s time to start packing almost everything away into labelled boxes, only leave out what you need until the move date. Make sure the labels on your boxes are clear – it will make assigning each box to the room it belongs in at the new house much easier.
  • Valuables
    Make sure to take extra care of your valuables and precious items such as jewellery, sentimental things or other valuable items. Maybe try to separate them from the main move boxes as you don’t want to mix them up. Transporting them to your new home yourself is probably best.
  • Need a clean?
    If your new home or current home needs cleaning, make arrangements to have them cleaned so you’re not leaving your home a mess and not arriving to one!

One Week Before.

  • Removals company
    It’s time to check in with your moving company to double check they have the right date and time and they are still able to move your belongings.
  • Essentials
    It would be a good idea to pack a bag or a suitcase with things you will need straight away, such as food, toiletries or anything you deem essential. Keep these with you and do not load them with everything else.

One Day Before.

  • Documents
    Keep your important documents which are needed for the move in a safe place and ready for moving day!
  • Clearing out
    Check that you have cleaned out your fridge and freezer. Double check all cupboards and keep an eye out for any open food products.

It’s Moving Day!

  • Help your movers
    Help your moving company by telling them of any fragile or large items right away. Keep an eye on them as they load things onto the truck to make sure nothing breaks in the process (don’t add too much pressure to them)

You will be responsible for checking that everything has been loaded onto the van.

  • Double check
    Before your moving company makes its last journey to your new home, double check everything has been removed and everything is accounted for. If you are satisfied, sign the bill of lading and head to your new home!

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