Tips on Selling Your Home in Spring

Tips on selling your home in spring

Moving house can be stressful, but do you know how to prepare to sell?

Selling your home in spring can be a nicer experience than usual, no one has ever said that moving house is simple, however having people view your property with the sun shining through the windows and your garden blooming is always and advantage.

I’m going to talk to you about Moving House and some simple steps on how to get ready for viewers.

Interior Paint

A vibrant colour on a wall or a loud coloured room can put off buyers. Choose your softer colours such as earth colours and pastel colours to make your home more inviting and give the viewer more of an imagination for when they move into their new home.


Time to deep clean ready to move! Go through your home from attic to basement getting rid of anything you do not need. why not pass things onto your nearest charity shop, post on your local facebook groups or even try to sell the items that are still of good quality. Pack away any out-of-season clothes and personal items. Make sure you buy lots of bubble wrap to put away any photo frames or ornaments you may have.


Polish the floors and wipe over the units, clean inside your cabinets or even bring new light into your kitchen by considering refacing your them and buy some new tea towels and plates to place on the side. Your kitchen can be one of the hardest rooms to impress a buyer when moving house. Some people like large kitchens and others like compact, but making it welcome and bright gives you that extra push into helping the buyer love your home.


Do you know what condition your floors in? Determine whether your floors need any special care!!


Your garden can be one of the worst things about moving house. But these days it doesn’t cost a lot to buy some new plants from your local supermarket. This will give you a boost and more of a curb appeal when trying to sell you home, once your garden is looking tip top.

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