Staying Fit & Healthy: In Mind, Body & Soul

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April 1, 2020 10:11 am

This uncertain period may bring many challenges.  As we adapt to a new way of living, working and socialising a healthy Body and Mind.

Be Still

If you live in a busy household, create time and space for you to have clear headspace.  Go for a walk on your own and keep your mind healthy.  Listen to music, meditate, listen to an audiobook, read.

Download Audible for a 30 day trial, Click here

Be Healthy

Eat healthy.  Fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water, it's important to look after your insides as much as the outside!

Healthy eating and Fitness apps such as Bean can now be downloaded for free during lockdown.

Click here 


Be Strong

Make sure to keep active whilst at home. Keep fit and strong, do some some outdoor exercise, go for a walk or jog. For those with a Fitbit, they are offering a 90 day  trial of their premium features, including Mindfulness programmes and 1000s of workouts. Click here

There are also many indoor excursive that can be done, with thousands of online home workout videos and apps to help keep you fit and healthy.

Joe Wicks hosts a PE session at 9am every Wednesday's, which even includes Chair Workouts for seniors. Click here


Thrive Inside with Smiling Mind: A special COVID-19 initiative to help you proactively support your psychological wellbeing while you're spending extended periods of time at home. Click here

Stop Breathe Think – Free Trial. Click here


The free Yoga app, has a range of yoga workouts which can be done anywhere you have space.

You can download the app via Google Play store here and Apple App Store here.

We've put together a bunch of helpful advice and tips to get you through this difficult time.

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