Summer 2020 Interior Trends to Inspire Your Home Makeovers

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June 26, 2020 2:18 pm

We have seen more of our homes in the past couple of months than we have all last year, spending so much time indoors has led many of us with the urge to make some well-needed home improvements

Here are a few of our top summer 2020 trends...

Blue is the new grey

With classic blue being the Pantone Colour of the Year 2020 It's clean and elegant but it's also really uplifting and (in comparison to the last few years) a really easy and sophisticated colour to incorporate into your home this summer.

Pink is still a favourite

After a decade or so of being associated with ‘teen bedrooms’, pink is most definitely back, and better than ever!. We are not talking about bright barbie-style pinks but the more subtle shades. Blush toned, pastel, matte shades not only add a layer of sophistication but can brighten up and really compliment a room.

Creating more sociable places

Recently, we have had to spend more time indoors than we usually would, and people have realised that they actually quite enjoy staying in rather than going out. Restaurant, bars and hotel interiors are becoming increasingly desirable and used as inspo to create a relaxed bar-like feel from the comfort of your own home.  Think outdoor-inspired, neon lights, and bar stools…

Concealed Kitchens

Did you know that concealing your entire kitchen was now a ‘thing’, in fact, its slowly becoming a huge design trend. Minimalist kitchens are becoming increasingly desirable, with living spaces getting smaller and storage places getting smarter items that once cluttered worktops can now be hidden away!

Tranquil Hues

Tranquil dawn, a lovely soft, neutral shade of green was awarded Dulux Colour of the Year 2020. The story behind the colour is about ‘the nation’s mood on the approach of the new decade’ and how we feel about living in a world that is so technologically enhanced that we are beginning to feel disconnected from one another.

It is an incredibly versatile shade by completely changing when combined with different palettes, mixing it with steely greys can bring out its cool side and mixing it with creams or pink shades can bring out its softer side.


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