How To | Get Your Home Ready To Sell In Spring

Spring is here! Not only does the season always comes out on top as the best time to sell a property, it is also the best season to show off your home aesthetically! Here are a few tips on how to get your home ready to sell in the Springtime!…

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression

The kerb appeal of a property is very important to potential buyers. This is the first impression they get when they first walk up to the property, much like the front cover of a book. No matter how much work, time and money you put into the interior of your home, you won’t get the right buyers through the door unless they are attracted to the exterior of the property.

According to research, simply spending a couple of hundred pounds on the ‘kerb appeal’ of your property can significantly make a difference to a potential buyer’s first impression of a property.

Tip: If your front door is looking a little tattered something as simple as buying a new handle, a fresh brass letterbox or a stainless steel house number can instantly improve the kerb appeal of your home!

Let there be light!

To give potential buyers the best impression of your property you want to make it feel and appear light and airy. Springtime is great for this as not only does it remain lighter for longer, the fresh blooming flowers make for a stunning aesthetic.

Tip: Remember to clean your windows and open them up to let fresh air into your home.

Neutralise & De-Personalise

Simple changes and adjustments to your property can make a significant difference, leaving a lasting impact on potential buyers. A lick of paint helps those viewers that do not have the ability to imagine a property as a blank canvas, so try your best to get rid of any personalisation by toning down your décor and tidying away any clutter.

Tip: The key is to make your home appear spacious, as this will then help the potential buyer envision living there!

Declutter and Organize

Now is the time to consider clearing out anything you no longer need, not only will a house with less clutter be more appealing to potential buyers but will also make your move much smoother. You may even make some money getting rid of items with potential hidden value!

Get green fingered

If you’re into gardening, then you’d certainly be thrilled about spring – I mean, it’s the season of bloom and enchanting colours. Springtime means good weather and blooming flowers so sure that your garden is kept neat and well maintained, and that doesn’t just mean keeping the gorgeous blooms outside… bring them in! Grab some fresh flowers from the garden and pop them in a vase. Bring the spring vibes into every space of your home- from the kitchen to the bedroom and even the bathroom there really is no rule! Don’t have a garden of your own? stop in at your local supermarket or garden centre for some florals.

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