Zero Waste Pumpkin Treats

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October 23, 2019 4:49 pm

Did you know that in the UK alone we throw away an estimated 18,000000 kilograms of pumpkin every Halloween! Not many people know that pumpkins can also be used for creating delicious tasty dishes and not just spooky Halloween decorations!

Save The Seeds!


As scary and messy as they look pumpkin seeds are actually an incredible source of protein, omega- 3 and saturated fats which all have great benefits for the hair, skin and nails . So when you buy a pumpkin this Halloween, think twice before throwing out those tiny powerhouses with dozens of health benefits and save yourself the mess of picking seeds up off the floor, just take a spoon and scoop them out, give them a rinse, season with our recommended flavour combinations and enjoy a flavour filled snack the whole family will love this autumn without wasting anything!



  • The oriental express 

1 tbs Soy Sauce

1tsp Honey

1 tsp orange zest

1 tsp sesame oil

Salt & Pepper to taste


  • The Indian Autumn

¼ tsp chilli powder

½ tsp curry powder

½ tsp cumin

Salt & Pepper to taste

2 tbs vegetable oil


  • The Mexicano

½ tsp cayenne pepper

½ tsp paprika

1½ red pepper paste or flakes

Salt & Pepper to taste

2tbs vegetable oil


  • The Italiano

2tbs olive oil

2tbs grated cheese (any of your choice)

1tsp garlic powder

1tsp Italian seasoning

Salt & Pepper to taste


  • And Then You Cook!...

After seasoning, the seeds should be roasted at a moderate heat of about 180ºC for around 15-20 minutes, giving the seeds a little shake every 5 minutes to make sure they brown nicely without burning. Once the seeds start giving off a slightly nutty aroma and look golden brown they are ready to be eaten!.. Enjoy!

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How to make a Halloween Pumpkin Cake


This recipe uses the rest of the pumpkin.  Use this line as a link...

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