How To Style a Larger Room | A Simple Guide


If you’re decorating a larger space, you should arrange your furniture to create different zones that work together as a whole. For instance, you might designate a space for talking or watching television, a reading area, and a playing area, but keep in mind that the furnishings in each of these areas should coordinate and flow with one another.

Another key element to consider when styling a large space is to avoid shoving every piece of furniture against the walls, in larger rooms this could feel and appear awkward, To make spaces feel cosy and inviting, keep the furniture around three feet apart, (depending on the size of your room).


Just like we mentioned earlier when decorating, you want to create distinct areas. To visually divide a room in a semi-permanent way, you can add ceiling beams, half walls, or pillars. Alternatively, for flexibility, you can utilise area rugs, curtains, wallpaper, and furniture arrangement to help create visually cosy sections inside the larger room.

Keep in mind that because a room is big doesn’t mean you should fill it with ‘stuff’. Every component of a large area is significant and ought to improve your space. Go big with your design items to avoid clutter in a big space. Vases and potted plants are examples of products that can have a larger scale than artwork.


  • Think about investing in architectural accents like columns or mouldings. These items add warmth and charm to a large room more successfully than furniture can.
  • Take into account the size of your room in relation to your furniture. Keep the furniture low if your room is big but the ceilings are low to provide the impression of height.
  • When arranging a smaller collection of items in a vast space, think in groups of three. For example, group three vases or frames together. These pieces won’t get lost in your space because the eye will see them as a whole.

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