Why choose us? We’re Miller Metcalfe, we understand property, people and places. Why settle for less?


At Miller Metcalfe we offer a wide range of knowledge and expertise for example, everything from Residential Sales, Commercial Property and Auctions through to Surveys and EPCs – all under one roof. Having this range of property expertise within our teams means we benefit from collaboration, knowledge sharing and can offer a high level of service across all disciplines.


We have several interlinked branches covering the North West region and have local knowledge of the areas we work within. Most importantly, we care about the communities we’re part of and ensure we consider them in the decisions we make, listen to their views and feelings and contribute to their wellbeing and growth.


The people in our teams don’t just work for Miller Metcalfe, they are Miller Metcalfe.

Miller Metcalfe listen and care about what people think. To sum up people are key to us, our people, our customers and our community. Above all our teams all share the same values, passion and approach and have the expertise and support to deliver excellent service, every time. Our dedicated Heads of Department all have excellent management ability and extensive knowledge and together with the rest of our Mpeople form a team dedicated to putting our customers first.

Miller Metcalfe; why settle for less?