Spring Boost: Property Market Flourishes as Buyer Demand Peaks

Exciting news emerges from the property market as buyer demand reaches its highest point in four years, just in time for the spring season. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) unveils a wave of positivity in its latest survey, showcasing promising trends in buyer interest, sales expectations, and house prices.

Great news for sellers!

Amidst the anticipated spring rebound, buyer demand continues its upward trajectory, with a significant net balance of +8% reporting an increase in new buyer enquiries during March. This surge in interest aligns with a steady flow of new listings entering the sales market for the fourth consecutive month, demonstrating sustained momentum in the market.

Optimism is further fuelled by expectations of rising sales volumes, which have more than doubled since the previous month, climbing to a net balance of +13%.

Tarrant Parsons, senior economist for RICS, attributes the market’s gradual recovery to favourable economic conditions, including easing inflation and potential interest rate cuts by the Bank of England. This positive outlook sets the stage for continued growth and stability in the property market in the months ahead.

As spring unfolds, we can anticipate a vibrant and flourishing market environment, offering ample opportunities for buyers, sellers, and industry professionals alike. With optimism on the rise and favourable trends in buyer demand and house prices, the property market is poised for a season of success.

In conclusion, the surge in buyer demand brings exciting prospects for the spring season in the property market! Take advantage of the high buyer demand! Click here to book a free valuation with Miller Metcalfe at a time & date that suits you!

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