Boxing Day Surge’ Sets New Record for Homes on the Market

As the year concludes, many delay their moving plans to focus on Christmas preparations. However, a surge in home-movers occurs on Boxing Day, providing a broader range of options for those looking to buy by December 26th.

Last year, there was a remarkable spike in new home listings immediately after Christmas. Sellers strategically readied their homes to capture the fresh wave of buyer interest from Boxing Day into the new year.

In 2022, estate agents introduced nearly triple the number of homes to the market on Boxing Day compared to 2019, marking a 46% increase from 2021.

Tim Bannister, our property expert, states: “We typically see a post-Christmas upturn in buyer activity, with early-bird buyers finishing off their turkey dinners and starting their search for a new home for the new year. It’s a key reason why we’re seeing more new sellers come to market on Boxing Day, ready for their properties to be the first seen by prospective new buyers”

Buyer interest triples from Christmas Day to Boxing Day

Buyer demand, measured by inquiries to estate agents about homes for sale, surged by over 250% from Christmas Day to Boxing Day last year, as buyers turned their attention away from festivities.

Many potential sellers also use the holiday period and the start of the new year to consider a move. Last year, the number of people contacting estate agents to value their homes between Boxing Day and January 1st was the highest in a week since early September 2022, marking a 29% increase from the same period in 2021.

Tim anticipates, “This year’s upturn will be eagerly awaited by those eager to sell, especially those who may have delayed due to the tumultuous mortgage market earlier in the year.”

If you’re selling in 2024, pricing is crucial.

This year witnessed lower-than-expected falls in asking prices, and demand remains strong for appropriately priced homes. For those planning to sell in 2024, setting a competitive price is so important.

Buyers will have a more extensive selection of homes compared to the stock-starved pandemic years. Tim advises, “New sellers will need to compete with their cut-price neighbours and work with their estate agent to start with a competitive price, rather than starting too high and needing to reduce later. Our research shows that pricing right at the outset maximises the initial impact among local buyers and gives new sellers a much greater likelihood of a successful sale.”

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