4 Simple Ways To Declutter Your Bedroom & Why It’s So Important For Your Wellbeing

A peaceful environment can greatly benefit your sleep hygiene, and part of that includes an organised and clutter-free bedroom!

Do a regular declutter

Remember clutter attracts more clutter! Before you know it, the few random items you threw in your bedroom to “deal with later” have become piles of ‘stuff’. The more frequently you declutter, the less time it takes. Take around 30 minutes each week decluttering your bedroom—you can do it all in one go or break it up by doing 10-minute sessions throughout the week.

Regularly clean out your wardrobe

The wardrobe tends to be the most common source of clutter in most bedrooms. How to tackle to issue? Put all your dirty clothes into a laundry basket, get them washed and hung up. Next step, purge! Get rid of all the clothes you no longer wear and put all the clothes that you’ve either shoved back in or those that have fallen off the hanger back in place! Not only will this help reduce the mess the next time you decide to choose an outfit, but it will also make life much easier the next time you need to! Keep in mind that spending a little time on upkeep makes decluttering easier and less time-consuming in the long run!

Declutter your nightstand

Your nightstand tends to be a place where you unconsciously throw things, and before you know it it’s a haven of bits and bobs that have no place. To tackle this, it really is as simple as taking time out to get rid of anything that needs to be thrown away or recycled and keep on top of the upkeep!

Invest in storage-friendly furniture

If you find yourself in a situation where you simply no longer have any room in your wardrobe consider investing in furniture with built-in storage!

Why is decluttering your bedroom so important?

A clutter-free, calm bedroom can serve as a haven for you to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. It is a place you can rest, relax, recharge, and find some peace after a long day.

If your bedroom is cluttered and overflowing with clutter it will never be the retreat or sanctuary you seek. The sight of all the clutter serves as a constant reminder of what remains on your to-do list at the end of the day, becoming a stressful, unsettling environment that can easily make you anxious, overwhelmed, and unable to fully rest.

Remember, organised space, organised life, organised mind.

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